Hello, I'm Ariel Costa.

I'm a Brazilian Animation/Art Director based in sunny Los Angeles, CA.
During my professional journey I've tried to pursued a little bit of everything, but I found my true passion to be within the Motion Graphics world, so I dove in.
In the last 10 years of experience, I've had the chance to meet amazing people and collaborate with equally great amazing studios. Some of these studios include: 
Lobo, Roof, Tendril, State, Superestudio, Gentleman Scholar and Buck (where I spent nearly two amazing years). I’m  proud to say that I’ve also had the chance to lead great projects for a variety of clients. I also had a bless working developing videos for great bands like Green Day and Led Zeppelin.
BLINK MY BRAIN is not just an alias, but my online body of work and my ongoing seek for new challenges.


Roles that love playing: Animation Direction, 2D Animation, Cell Animation, StopMotion, 3D (but more "artsy" driven)  |  Art Direction, Design, Illustration. I love MixMedia Art and Collage in general. I'm crazy about Illustrations and mainly to make them move.

I'm not the guy for: 3D lens flare shine Sports Package, High-End 3D and Transformers VFX guy, User Interface (UI). Although I love everything in this list, I think I'd play a better role by just watching.

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