My name is Ariel Costa. I'm a director based in Los Angeles, CA.
In the last 12 years of experience, I've had the chance to meet amazing people and collaborate with equally great amazing studios. I’m  proud to say that I also had the opportunity to direct great projects for great clients. I've worked in the fields of advertising, movies, festivals and music videos, where I was fortunate enough to directly work with great bands such as LED ZEPPELIN, GREEN DAY, LINKIN PARK among great others. 
I've also directed projects for great brands, like Spotify, The New York Times, QZ, Warner Music, Facebook and significant others... And worked in great fields as Music Video, Feature Films, Advertising, Promos, Id's and Prints.
Who's/What's BlinkMyBrain?
BlinkMyBrain could be a single director or a small studio!
I spend part of my professional time as a Director/Animator and other part I spend as a Studio. I adopted this shapeshifting philosophy to better attend my client's needs.
As BlinkMyBrain, I don't care about styles; I care about good taste and good work.

PRESS (Online & Paper)
-Computer Arts -BR
-Computer Arts-UK
-CG Advertising
-Post Magzine
-Promax Brief 
-Anim. World Network 
-StyleFrames NY
-IDN World Magazine
-Creative Review - UK
-Motion Served
- Festival Della Criativittà - Italy 
-Promax - USA       
-Photo Museum Art Space - Netherlands 
-Cut&PAste (JUDGE) - Brazil 
-Motion Conference 2013 - USA
-SEE NO EVIL - England 
-PauseFest - Australia 
-PixelShow - Brazil 
-DRC conference
-First 3M Exbhition of Art -Brazil 
-Hollygrove at Chinese Theatre - USA
-Motion Conference 2014 - USA 

-Sundance 2018  Official Selection
-CANNES Festival 2015 (Short Film)
Official Selection

-TELLY Awards 2014 
Best Animation 

-PIXIE Awards Gold 2014
Best VideoMusic

-PIXIE Awards Gold 2014
Best Fun Animation

-PIXIE Awards Platinum 2014
Best Animation

Honorable Mention - Best in Entertainment

-Promax2014 - Silver
Interstitial/“Promo Talent”/Movie Wraps

-Promax2014 - Silver
Art Direction and Design: Interstitial Short Form Campaign

-Promax2014 - Bronze
General Channel Image Spot

-BassAwards 2014
Gold - Best Videomusic

-Los Angeles Movies Awards 2014
Gold - Best Short Documentary

-HOLLYWOOD Film Festival 2014
Official Selection

-RIIFF 2014 (Acadamy Awards Certified)
Official Selection

-LA Short Fest 2014 (Acadamy Awards Certified)
Official Selection

-Montreal Film Festival 2014
Official Selection

-Vancouver Film Festival 2014
Official Selection

-New FilmMakers LA 2014
Official Selection

-FIA 2013
Best Short Advertising / Video

-DV Awards 2013
Best Music Video

-Colunistas 2011
Best Advertising

-MTV Brazil Music Awards 2007
Finalist Best Videomusic 

-Premio Multishow 2007
Best VideoMusic

-GRAMADO Festival 2004
Finalist Best Short
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